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Modi Academic International Institute-Stratford University, New Delhi is a joint venture between Stratford University, USA and the K.K. Modi Group a leader among Indian industries with annual revenue of $1.0 billion (USD). Stratford University with 8 campuses in Falls Church, Woodbridge, Richmond, Baltimore, Virginia Beach, Newport & New Delhi situated in Virginia& Maryland, USA and India are authorized by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) to award Associate, Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

1st Accredited American University In India
MAII-Stratford University is the 1st accredited American university where a student can get an accredited American degree in India. We offer Bachelor's and Master's degrees in business and management (BBA and MBA), and in information systems and technology (BSIT, MSIS, MSIA).

The No. 1 International University In India with 60% Overseas Students
We are the number one international university in India with 60% of our students coming from 46 countries. Unlike other MBA or BBA colleges in Delhi, at MAII sitting next to you in class may be a student from Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Nepal, Korea, Myanmar, or Nigeria. You will develop an international network of professional and personal contacts. MAII-Stratford University prepares you for working in this multi-cultural environment. The world may be flat but your career will not be.

We Are Different - American Education with an Indian Soul
Our students love us because we offer flexible choices for the timing of class, the number of courses taken during any term, and selection of topics to be studied. Our small class sizes, with a teacher to student ratio of 1:12, ensure each student receives personal attention. Our students master communication, teamwork, and critical thinking as well as the details of their chosen profession. We use Harvard Case Studies, the latest academic and industry research and cutting edge teaching methods likeour happiness course to prepare you for an outstanding career. All of these factors are combined in unison to make usthe best MBA College in India.

Best Faculty
Our faculty members have an average of over 10 years' experience in their profession, in addition to their academic preparation. They teach what they have learned through their professional lives, not just what they've read in books. They are hand-picked for their passion for student success as well as their professional expertise.

Live Your Life - Get Your BBA or MBA in the Heart of Delhi
We are located in the heart of South Delhi: close to work, entertainment, restaurants, health care providers, and transportation. You can earn your degree while you still live a full and exciting life. We encourage students to work, participate in internships, and pursue other personal and professional interests. Our location makes that integrated school/work/personal life possible. Come check us out!

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